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Welcome to the Housing Authority of Morehead website.  We are located in the beautiful rolling hills of eastern Kentucky.  Approximately 1 hour east of Lexington on interstate- 64.  Our mission is to provide affordable income based, drug free, safe, sanitary housing to all eligible families.  Take a few moments to browse our site and contact us if you have any questions.


 The Housing Authority of Morehead owns and manages 4 locations totaling 222 apartments.


Rawcel Heights

Heritage Place

Triplett View

Divide Hill

We are solely a Public Housing agency and do not operate under the Section 8 program.  This means we do not issue or accept Tenant Based Vouchers or (HCV) Housing Choice Vouchers.  If you currently have a voucher or are interested in the voucher/Section 8 program, visit The Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) website at  

Topic/Need                                              Contact Information

  • Duplicated Assistance                                 Marti Mainous Chilcoat

  • Interested Landlords                                    HCV Program Manager

  • Tenants Seeking a list of Landlords             502-564-7630 ext.764

                                                                           800-633-8896 (KY only)

General Interest in the HCV Program



Interested Landlords                           

Subsidized Housing Opportunities in Rowan County

Most properties maintain a waiting list for applicants, if you are in need of housing soon, we recommend applying to the Housing Authority as well as reaching out to other Income Based Rentals in the Morehead area:


Clearfield Manor 606-783-1966

McBrayer Manor 606-784-5402

Pine Ridge Apartments 606-783-1202

Mountain View 606-783-1787

Boodry Place 606-780-0249


If you are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless, we urge you to get in contact with the Gateway Homeless Coalition at


If you have steady income and are interested in home ownership, or the tools such as credit counselling and assistance to pursue home ownership, contact Frontier Housing at


Applicants for the Housing Authority of Morehead are housed off of the waiting list and rent is based on income.  Minimum rent is $50 a month.  All income shall be reported & rent calculations are based on 30% of income minus applicable deductions and utility allowances.  Some higher income applicants may be eligible for Flat Rent.

Income Based Rent Example:

Example #1

1 Adult with 1 Child moving into a 2 bedroom Apt.  at Triplett View

 $1000.00 per month Employment Income

$200.00 Child Support

= $1,200 Total Income

Rent Calculation                                                                     

$1,200.00 (Total Income) x 12 (Months in Year)                                            = $14,400.00

-$480 (Deduction for dependent child)                                                                - $480.00

=$13,920.00 (Gross Income - Deduction)                                                     = $13,920.00

$13,920 x .30% (Low Income Rent) = $4,176.00                                                     x .30%

$4,176.00 / 12 (Months in Year) = $348.00 (Total Tenant Payment)                              /12

$348.00 (TTP) -  $35 ( Utility Allowance for 2 Bedroom at Triplett View)               - $35.00

                                                                                         Rent Per Month      =     $313.00



Example #2

1 Adult (over 62) moving into an efficiency Apt. at Heritage Place

$771.00 per month Social Security Income

=$771.00 Total Income

                        Rent Calculation

$771.00 (Total Income) x 12 (months in year)                                                 = $9,252.00

- $400.00 (Elderly Deduction)                                                                              - $400.00

= $8,852.00 (Gross Income - Deduction)                                                         = $8,852.00    $8,852.00 x .30%   (Low Income Rent) =  $2,655.60                                       = $2,655.60

$2,655.60 / 12 (Months in Year) = $221.30 (Total Tenant Payment Round Down)        = $221.00

$221.00 (TTP) - $0 UA (Utilities are included in rent at Heritage Place)             = $221.00

                                                                                         Rent Per Month     =      $221.00  

Flat Rent Table (2019)

(Totals do not include Utility Allowance)

Per Month Rent Total

Efficiency Unit - $446.00

1 Bedroom Unit - $507.00 

2 Bedroom Unit - $616.00

3 Bedroom Unit - $772.00

4 Bedroom Unit - $1048.00

Social Security, Disability, KTAP, Child Support, and Employment Wages are all reportable types of income.  All applicants are subject to background checks and screening to determine eligibility.  Once applicants are deemed eligible, they are placed on the waiting list without preference until a unit becomes available to offer.  If you are interested in one of our apartments, stop by the office and pick up an application or check out our Application page for more information.


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