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For printable application documents, visit the DOCUMENTS page on our menu.



If you are interested in applying, check out the DOCUMENTS PAGE or stop by our office at Heritage Place and pick up the necessary paperwork.  If you have turned in an application, make sure you keep your information up to date.

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Based on your household composition, we offer the following apartment sizes:
76 - Efficiency units
52 - 1 Bedroom units
72 - 2 Bedroom units
18 - 3 Bedroom units
4 - 4 Bedroom units



All of our units have ranges and refrigerators.  All 2 bedrooms and above have washer & dryer hook-ups.  For the units without hook-ups, we have 2 tenant only laundry mats.  One is located at Heritage Place and the other at Divide Hill.



Once you have turned in your paperwork, including photo id's, social security cards, and proof of income, we can start the process.  We then perform a background check and research past rental history for a favorable recommendation.  We also verify that applicants do not owe any debts to other public housing agencies.  Once these steps are complete, applicants are placed on the waiting list according to application date.

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